hi! love the photos :) i was just curious, where is the area of the photo taken of the wooden window looking at the rio grande?

It’s on the Rio Grande trail in the area that starts off of Alameda! 

I’m about to turn asks back on everyone! Sorry that they were off :c

Just so it’s cleared up for everyone who looks at photos on here or follows the blog or whatever. I post photos from other cities from time to time. I got an angry ask because of the Rio Rancho photo as if it’s some big weird complicated and insulting deal that I posted it. If I like the picture, it’s going to go up. Also, if you submit something I will post it. The only time I won’t is if it’s gross or will upset someone because you know, various reasons. It’s already written in the description that I post photos from different places in New Mexico and has been written since I started this blog. Besides, Rio Rancho is like this weird appendage attached to Albuquerque.